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Preserve the Legacy of Scripps Cottage

By: SDSU Associated StudentsHistoric Scripps Cottage is one of the most scenic locations on campus. Completion of its restoration calls for updated lighting and conversion of an unrestored kitchen area into a restroom with improved access for disabled visitors. Your donation will also help repair patio and deck areas near the turtle pond including a barbecue featuring bricks from the university’s original downtown site. Thank you for your support!

About Scripps Cottage:

Scripps Cottage is a well-known campus structure that was completed in 1931 and funded in part by Ellen Browning Scripps through a contribution to the local YWCA. The cottage was originally located adjacent to Aztec Café (now the Faculty-Staff Club) and served as the headquarters for the Associated Women Students.

Today, Scripps Cottage provides a meeting space for groups, poetry readings, and special events and is located at the bottom of a grassy hillside just west of the Malcolm A. Love Library. The cottage grounds feature an outdoor patio, picnic area, and calming fish and turtle pond.

The Legacy of Scripps Cottage:

The nucleus of a beloved oasis on Montezuma Mesa, Scripps Cottage was among the original eight campus structures. Together with SDSU’s five other Works Progress Administration-era buildings and the original quad, it is part of a federally designated historic district.

In 1963, it was a formal reception area for State’s most distinguished guest, President John F. Kennedy, who had come to deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary doctorate. The cottage has served many purposes in the decades since then; it has been a conference venue, a meeting place for student organizations, and a center for international students.

Above all, though, Scripps Cottage is etched in SDSU history as a tranquil space in the middle of a busy campus.

How You Can Help:

The first phase of the Scripps Cottage restoration project was completed in August 2016, which replaced windows and doors with historically accurate fixtures and improved disability access. These renovations were made possible thanks to generous donations from the Bill and Kathy Scripps family and SDSU’s Associated Students.

We are counting on former SDSU Associated Students, alumni, and the community to help us move forward with phase two of the project, which will refurbish the barbecue grill that was constructed from San Diego Normal School bricks, update lighting, and complete additional exterior work.

Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will preserve an important legacy at SDSU and provide the community a great event space to show their Aztec pride.

Click here for more information on the first phase of the Scripps Cottage restoration project.