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Directly Speaking

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Tuesday, March 06 2012 11:58:59 AM

With the arrival of SDSU month, it’s time to take stock of all we have to celebrate. Our students bring us joy, astonishment, laughter and awe. Our faculty go places where we can only marvel. Our alumni provide pride in their achievements. And the campus environment is perpetually percolating with activity and discovery that profoundly elevate our collective quality of life.

But of all the joys of being a daily participant in the vibrant life of SDSU, one stands paramount amid stiff competition: Aztec basketball is da bomb!

Viejas Arena was rocking all season. Beth Burns and Steve Fisher, along with their staffs, are among the very best in the country. Our teams compete at the highest of levels. And The Show is simply the most consistently remarkable advertisement for San Diego State that we have ever had.

As if we needed proof beyond winning records, Aztec excellence was confirmed by a sweep of this year’s all-conference honors. Coach Burns and Coach Fisher each was named Coach of the Year while Courtney Clements was selected as the Mountain West Conference Player of the Year on the women’s side and Jamaal Franklin topped the list among the men. Chelsea Hopkins was voted best newcomer among conference women and a host of Aztec players, both men and women, were named to the all-conference teams.

So in the coming days as we prepare for the madness that is March, please join the hundreds of thousands of fellow alumni in willing our teams to success. Because while there may be more important things to do and to celebrate and acclaim about State during SDSU Month, there is absolutely nothing more fun.

Go Aztecs!

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