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Directly Speaking

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Wednesday, March 02 2011 05:47:04 PM

Classes resumed Monday at San Diego State despite rumors that our 114-year-old institution would implode with grief after losing a basketball game of unprecedented hype.

The parking lots filled quickly as students strove to "catch up" from last week's distraction.  

The “Aztec for Life” mantra, which has been a consistent and constant drumbeat for several years, continues to gain traction. In the past five years, unprecedented numbers of alumni have begun to declare their pride in San Diego State. While we are ecstatic to have so many alums say it, the proof is in actually becoming a Lifetime Member. We are proud that these numbers have doubled to 5,500 over the past few years, but there is a long way to go. So the alumni association continues to push harder on the throttle of persuading Aztecs to officially become "Aztecs for Life" by joining as Lifetime Members.

SDSU Month kicked off for the 9th consecutive year in which the university has celebrated the greatness of the institution.  (For a list of events visit sdsumonth.com)

San Diego State University has an abundance of programs and disciplines with extraordinarily high rankings.  I wanted to share some of these; however, the list was too long so look for yourself:

One factoid that jumps out a bit is that we have attracted a billion dollars worth of research grants since 2000.

Oh, one more factoid:  the Aztecs clobbered Wyoming last night in Basketball to set yet another new record of 28 wins against only two losses.  Now we head toward March Madness secure in the knowledge that win or lose, San Diego State is still a great institution where alumni support is growing every day.


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