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Event setup in the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center Allan Bailey Library
Event Space

Fowler Family Ballroom

This elegant and spacious ballroom has beautiful decor and soft lighting. Accommodating up to 320 (192 seated) people, the Fowler Family Ballroom can be used for reunion dinners, volunteer meetings, gala banquet-type events, and wedding receptions. The space permits integration of sound and video systems as well as general audio/visual needs. The Fowler Family Ballroom can also be divided into two divisions, and rented separately, thus providing an elegant setting for gatherings both large and small.

Grand Ballroom

Sunset Patio and Lawn

Outdoor receptions are simply unforgettable when held on the Sunset Patio. Located behind the Alumni Center, Sunset Patio offers a spectacular view over the newly refurbished athletic fields and Tony Gwynn Stadium. Accommodating up to 85 guests, the Sunset Patio is a multi-purpose outdoor venue with an adjacent grassy area. An ideal location for weddings, small to medium-size events, retirement parties, and receptions. Combined with the Grand Ballroom, it is a favorite spot for guests to enjoy the outdoors while being able to mingle with friends inside the ballroom.

Sunset Patio

Aztec Walk Patio

Located on the north side of the building, the Aztec Walk Patio is a multi-purpose outdoor pavilion area facing the Aztec Hall of Fame. Appropriate for medium-sized gatherings, receptions, and many other events, the Aztec Walk Patio provides space for up to 100 guests. For events larger than this, a combination of this space and adjacent exterior spaces, such as the Sunset Patio, or Rotunda, would make an ideal gathering and hosting combination.

Aztec Walk Patio


As the entry area for the building, the Rotunda is an architectural masterpiece, which creates an open, friendly atmosphere that permits one to easily orient oneself. Coupled with the beautiful lobby and reception area, it serves as a warm venue for welcoming alumni and friends for a variety of events. Overlooking Viejas Arena and Aztec Hall of Fame, the spectacular Rotunda is a large, naturally lit, and dramatic space that will inspire students, faculty, alumni, and visitors at the same time. Receptions for groups up to 176 guests can be hosted in this space regularly, whether these are intimate or grand gatherings.
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Allan Bailey Library

Open and accessible to the beautiful lobby and reception area, the Allan Bailey Library is a more intimate space, which will invite one to sit down and relax in comfortable, lounge-type seating. Offering accommodation for up to 48 guests, it is an elegant space well suited for smaller functions with an intimate and personal appeal. This room contains Aztec memorabilia, so that visitors and alumni can reminisce of old times at San Diego State.
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Allan Bailey Library

Stephen L. Weber Alumni Board Room

For meetings and conferences, groups can book the state-of-theart Board Room. The Board Room provides ample and versatile space that accommodates up to 48 people. Perfect for both small and medium-sized events, this space is technologically enhanced for various computer, teleconferencing, and cable television needs.

Executive Board Room