Making Way for the Future

Site demolition is nearing completion for the new Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex.

It looks like the wake of a Midwestern twister. All that’s missing is the scattered debris.

This location at the northeast corner of campus was once the site of the old industrial technology and engineering laboratory buildings. For more than half a century, their classrooms appeared on the schedules of generations of San Diego State students.

Not anymore.

Earlier this summer, demolition crews made quick work of razing the structures. Rising in their place will be the university’s new Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex (EIS).


A construction fence sign announces the coming of SDSU's new Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex.

The site now sits ready for construction of the $90-million facility expected to be a key component in catapulting SDSU into the ranks of the country’s top 50 public research universities. In just a couple of years, what lies now as bare ground will be a state-of-the-art structure housing 47,000 square feet of space including 17 labs, instructional space and plenty of room for collaboration among researchers from a variety of disciplines seeking solutions to many of the world’s challenges.

The EIS Complex will help San Diego State attract top faculty and recruit honors students and outstanding graduate students. It is expected to focus attention on SDSU as a center for cutting-edge research with facilities that are second to none.

Target for completion is 2018. To learn more about the exciting new EIS Complex, visit