Lifetime Members Support Endowment

Lifetime members play a critical role in shaping the future of San Diego State University.; When you become a lifetime member, a portion of your membership supports the SDSU Alumni Lifetime Member Endowment. Endowment giving supports alumni engagement and networking, exclusive lifetime member events, and also student scholarships.  The fund continues to allow us to offer existing programs and create new activities developing the membership into the best for our lifetime members. Additionally, through this fund lifetime members have helped ensure that promising students have the resources they need to attain their dreams.

Continue to Support the Lifetime Member Endowment Every Year

Your support makes a difference. Annual donations of any amount to the Lifetime Member Endowment works to support areas that promote alumni engagement. Your contribution directly impacts:

  • Promoting student success through student scholarships.
  • Events exclusively for alumni lifetime members
  • Alumni engagement and networking

Support Aztecs making a lifelong connection to SDSU and donate today

Thank you for making a difference!

VincentVincent Bellinghiere, SDSU Alumni Association Scholarship recipient

"I would like to thank alumni donors for supporting and encouraging me in my academic efforts and for giving back to San Diego State to help make it a university that's just getting better and better."

Taylor ZerbyTaylor Zerby, SDSU Alumni Association Scholarship recipient

“I just want to thank the alumni and let them know their investment in me is taking immediate action within the community because of my involvement and civic engagement.”

Chandler AlfordChandler Alford, SDSU Alumni Association Scholarship recipient

"It's important to me to use my education to make a difference by helping others. I think donating to fund scholarships is one of the best things alumni can do."


Why membership matters

Chiloh Baty Chiloh Baty, Class of 2008

“I have a desire to serve my university and influence the broader SDSU community. Being a lifetime member is a way to do this and stay connected to fellow Aztecs. Education is the most important investment a society can make. Serving SDSU through a lifetime membership is an opportunity to give back and help ensure SDSU continues to grow as a top public research university.”

Sean Kilkenny Sean Kilkenny, MBA Class of 2010

"SDSU has made great strides.  I support SDSU because I have seen what the university can become. I support SDSU for the potential that has yet to be realized."

Tim YoungTim Young, Class of 1991

"After attending SDSU and being actively involved on campus, I had seen the rewards first-hand of being an Aztec.  I didn’t want that experience to end after school and a lifetime connection is what was important to me. That is why I decided to become a lifetime member to stay engaged with my fellow alumni."