New President Takes Charge of SDSU Alumni Association

Early on, Brigand Kline (’02) knew what it was like to be a leader.

Brigand Kline ('02)
New Alumni Association Board of Directors President Brigand Kline ('02).
“In my 11 years in the Navy I was always in charge of a group of people since I was 18,” he says, “and those leadership skills are definitely going to come into play here (with the Alumni Association).”

In a June 11 ceremony at the SDSU Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting, the 36-year-old Kline was symbolically handed the president’s gavel by Adrienne Finley (’71), the organization’s immediate past president.  He officially assumed his new position July 1.

A financial representative for New England Financial, the 36-year-old Kline is a lifetime member of the SDSU Alumni Association.  He has served on the board the past four years.

Known to friends and associates as “Brig,” Kline received his MBA from SDSU in 2002.  He is also a graduate of the US Naval Academy.


In the Navy, Kline earned the rank of Lieutenant.  He held a variety of positions including repair officer, damage control assistant, weapons officer, and, on the last ship to which he was assigned, executive officer.

 “He’s the one in charge of the administrative side on the ship – second in command,” Kline explains, “while the captain is mostly (concerned with) operations.”

The new president says his primary focus will be to make sure everything is ship shape for the opening of the new Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center in October.  “I think we’re on track for doing that,” he says.

In addition to Kline’s installation as president, three new directors have also been voted onto the board.  They include Robert L. Garvin (’76, ’81), Dan Guevara (’70), and Donald Wozniak (’68, ’75).

Kline cites the board as one reason he expects smooth sailing for the Alumni Association in the coming year.

“I think the board we have is an amazing group of individuals ranging from the grads who have graduated 20 or 30 years ago all the way to recent grads,” he observes. “It’s a diverse group, a well-connected group, and I’m just excited to be working with them.”

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