Welcome to the Imperial Valley Alumni community.

The San Diego State University – Imperial Valley Campus Alumni Chapter was formally recognized in 2000. Its purpose is to advance and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the University, alumni, and friends; and to provide an avenue for alumni to continue their connection with the University through the SDSU Alumni Association (SDSUAA).

The SDSU-IVCampus Alumni Chapter engages their members in sharing and participating in the intellectual and cultural life, as well as social and networking opportunities to enhance professional development. The SDSUAA provides not only the guidance and support to help recognized chapters reach their goals and objectives, but also the link for alumni to stay connected to the University.

All graduates, friends, and faculty of the University are eligible for membership. For further information on membership in the SDSU-IVCampus Alumni Chapter, please contact Jose Landeros.

History Timeline:
  • San Diego Normal School: 1887
  • San Diego State Teachers College: 1921
  • San Diego State College: 1935
  • Imperial Valley Campus: 1959
  • California State University, San Diego: 1972
  • San Diego State University (SDSU): 1974

Chapter Leaders
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  Past Chapter Presidents
Martin Lang
Norma Aguilar
Kathleen Lang
Esperanza M. Colio, 2007/8
Miriam Ungson, 2006/7
Roberto González Jr., 2005/6
Roberto González Jr., 2004/5
Javier Peraza, 2003/4
Beatriz Zayas, 2002/3
Beatriz Zayas, 2001/2
Angel Somera, 2000/1

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